Cloud 9 Walkers

Cloud 9 Walkers
P. O. Box 878 Hardin, TX 77561
  • Gorgeous stallions
  • Healthy# sane broodmares
  • Polished# neckreining pleasure mounts
  • Foals for sale
  • Financing plans
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Quality# colorful pleasure gaited horses for sale -- Tennessee Walking Horses# Spotted Saddle Horses and Missouri Foxtrotters from babies (imprinted and halter trained) to finished pleasure mounts. We LOVE smooth# 4-beat gaited pleasure horses and strive to breed for the same. Currently standing a gorgeous classic champagne stallion with true Tennessee Walking Horse head-bobbing gait# smooth as silk. Mares in foal available for sale# and financing plans available.


  • Racking Horse
  • Spotted Saddle Horse
  • Tennessee Walking Horse
  • Rocky Mountain
  • Missouri Fox Trotter