Midnight's Grey Raven

Mar 15, 2014
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Mar 15, 2014
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Blue Roan Reg. Tennessee Walking Horse Mare
for sale
price $4,100
  • Big boned, 15.3 hands
  • Sweet Quiet Personality, Kind, Easy going!
  • Beautiful color stays Charcoal Grey in Winter!
  • Wonderful Mom to 2011 Blue Roan Tobiano Filly & 2008 Smokey Chocolate Filly
foal date
Mar 15, 1998
16.1 yr
Byron, MI 48418
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Raven is bred back to the same Homozygous Pinto Stallion that the blue roan pinto filly in the photos is out of from 2011. That filly is going into the show circuit with her new owners in North Carolina and is expected to reach Championship status soon. Raven will have a pinto foal in the Summer of 2014 around the Fourth of July. All 3 generations on the Stallions papers has Blue Roans and Tobianos with Insignia's Rock & Roll, Go Boy's Insignia, Ebony Masterpiece, Melody's Go Boy, Pride of Midnight H.F. and Midnite Sun Glo O. as some of the prestigious names on his pedigree. Raven is a fantastic Mom. And both fillies she has had have been phenomenal! We have dropped her price drastically as we are selling her as a broodmare now. She came up lame when we rode her in September and although she was fine out in the pasture a few days later, we don't want to risk making it worse by riding her. Even if it's healed, she should only be ridden lightly for short trips. We are not able to care for the horses like they deserve because of my husband's and I's health. Raven needs someone to give her the attention she deserves. A good home is a must for this wonderful mare! The main photo is of the filly at a week old before she started turning a beautiful dappled blue. She is as big as her Mom now! The 2nd photo is Raven 11 days before she foaled. Her belly was huge! :) Raven is a BIG Beautiful Registered Tennessee Walking Horse Blue Roan Mare that is sweet, quiet, gentle, road safe and a wonderful broodmare and mother. She has been DNA Converted. Her Smokey Chocolate filly from 2008 was sold to a family in Canada. It took awhile to figure out her 2008 fillys coloring but we finally figured out that she inherited a creme gene from Raven who has a Creme/Palomino Mother and Grandmother who was out of two Gold parents! And that Stallion goes back to a Creme! The 2011 filly is just absolutely stunning and is the sweetest natured baby we have had in 25 years of raising horses! We are hoping for a foal just as nice in the Summer of 2014 out of the same father. Raven is such a wonderful Mom and so sweet and calm when we are handling her babies! A link to some more photos of Raven & her fillies is at the bottom of this description or I can e-mail some. There are 14 videos of Raven on You Tube also, under WestWyndWalkers. I looked for many years to find a Blue Roan mare that has a calm, sweet personality and is road safe with nice gaits and BIG size! It's hard to find a blue roan over 15.1 hands. Raven is a true 15.3 hand Big Bodied mare. I only rode Raven a couple times in the past couple years, she is the type that is good even when not ridden for days or even weeks. I have ridden her on roads and in traffic and she is wonderful. She has been trail ridden in the mountains of Tennessee. She has wonderful gaits and a wonderful personality! She is great to work around and is very calm and trustworthy. One of the things I love most about Raven is she doesnt turn black in the winter like most blue roans do. She stays a deep charcoal steel grey. She has fantastic breeding potential because there is no Pusher or Pride breeding in her bloodlines so she can cross wonderfully with stallions heavy in those lines. She has a lot of old time bloodlines closeup also! Merry Boys F-88 is in her fourth generation along with Rogers Perfection, Midnight Secret and Merry Go Boy! Some of TWHs Foundation Sires!! And on her mothers side in the fourth generation is Cream Chance and Deserts Gold Wilson which is the gold and creme sires that are giving her the dilution factor in her breeding. This is a chance to own a Huge Beautiful Blue Roan mare with fantastic breeding potential, a great personality, gaits, color and a possible Champion pinto foal as the added bonus! We sold her spotted filly from this same breeding for nearly twice what we are asking for Raven and her unborn foal. So there is a possibility of selling the foal for at least the purchase price, if not more; and having Raven for free. We will accept payments while she remains here. There are some photos here of Raven & her smokey filly together & I will be adding more of her pinto filly soon: http://s634.photobucket/albums/uu62/JndsCritters/ The videos of Raven are at: http://www.youtube.com/user/WestWyndWalkers/videos?sort=dd&view=0&shelf_index=0


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